10 Types Of Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now

Facebook is no doubt one of the most fantastic things to have happened to us. It started out as a fun and easy way to keep in touch with friends and even make new friends. But now, it has graduated into serving as a platform for people to express their minds. The more I think about it, the more confused I get with the concept of the Facebook Status. 

Sure,  updating your status can be a great way to begin your day, but some people seem to be doing it really really wrong. If you are a frequent FB News Feed scroller, you know you love to hate these statuses:

1. The Hashtag Overkill

“Catching up with friends. #BFF #dinner #fun #memories #yummy #HauzKhas #amici #happy #StomachUpset #hashtag”



2. The 24×7 Update

“Good morning. Brushing my teeth.”

Reading your status. Judging you


3. The Emoter

“Feeling so ❤ ❤ ❤ :* :* 😉 😛 :)))))”

Emoticons are cool and expressive, who needs a face?


4. The Check-In Master

“XYZ checked in at His Bathroom, with ABC”

How about you check in at Mars with aliens?


5. The Philosopher

“The world is a dark place. My soul is free. I think I’m a television.”

Bro, I want whatever you’re having.


6. The Quote Addict

“We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning.

“This quote isn’t mine but I’m going to use it anyway and make people think I’m smart.”


7. The Public Private Message

“I told them you were a good person. You proved me wrong.”

Get a (private) life.


8. The Never-Ending Status

“I walked out through the door today. And when I did I came across another door. I crossed it and then I crossed the street. When I walked on to the other side, I realized how selfish we humans are. The very face that… Read more”

No, thank you.


9. The PDA Status

“My sweetheart, I miss you soooo much. I want to hold your hand and sleep in your arms. Come to me soon. @boyfriend”

Two words: nobody cares.


10. The Mass Tagger

“Hello everyone. @friend @friend2 @friend’s friend @your mother @uncle @stranger @everyone else”




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